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Escaping it all
Days went by after Holden departed from his guardian duties, but every night since he left, he'd begun having nightmares, and they just got worse with every passing night.  By one night, he finally gave up and decided to seek a bit of solitude where he could left everything out and possibly at least somewhat escape his troubles.  With that, he waited until the rest of his family was for sure snoozing, Holden changed into his black Jedi attire plus dark brown cloak, slipped out the window, and darted off into what he didn't know was an enchanted forest.
Once deep inside the forest, he came across a lake shimmering brightly under the light of a full moon and numerous glittering stars.  Holden knelt by the lake, lifted his hood, and took a very close look at his reflection; what he saw was definitely not the same Holden Cameron he knew everybody else was used to seeing, and it definitely was not just because of his new hair.  His eyes didn't sparkle the brilliant royal blue they once did, there were dark circles starting to appear around his eyes (more than likely due to lack of rest having had so many nightmares), and he just in general looked so exhausted and weak... certainly not the bright-eyed, highly energetic, Scottish-blooded youth everyone was used to seeing.  But while lost in thought, a voice suddenly started to ring in his head, and he couldn't quite tell who's voice it was, but just as a possibility began to arise, Holden suddenly passed out.
About two and a half hours later, Holden woke up feeling very faint and dizzy and still surrounded by the darkness of the environment around him, but when he suddenly heard the same voice in his head he'd heard before he passed out, he bolted into high alertness.  "W--who's there?!  Who's in my head?!" Holden exclaimed with a blend of demand and terror lacing his voice...
I had to stop where I did for the moment because I just don't know what should happen next.  If anybody's got any suggestions, just say so.

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Highland laddie and English lassie
Unlike Holden, Katy Maguire is definitely doing much better since she left behind her guardian duties.  Not only has she happily reunited with her family and friends, but during a recent performance in Scotland, she met a youthful Scotsman who had everything she desired in a man.  His name was Frazer McCrimmon, and he was bright (but definitely far from being a genius which she wouldn't have liked anyway), genuinely compassionate and understanding, and a bit clumsy much like her.  In addition, he loves dancing, playing bagpipes, and participating in Highland games, and on top of it all, he was a hottie from head to toe.  Katy has scored herself her definition of the perfect man.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I started drawing at age 3 and have been drawing for about 15 years non-stop. The reasons I do art is for the sheer fun of it and to relieve stress.

Things to know about me:

~I'm about 5ft 3" with short dark hair and naturally large dark brown eyes.

~I have Asperger's (a mild form of autism).

~I'm a Ghosthead (Ghostbusters fan).

~I'm a classic Whovian (fan of classic Doctor Who).

~I'm a Star Wars geek.

~I'm seriously addicted to Lord of the Rings and Hobbit!

~I love cosplay and wearing wigs (especially my Irish dance wig).

~I'm a Batgirl fanatic (mostly of Yvonne Craig's Batgirl).

~I love The Adventures of Tintin.

~"The Wizard of Oz" was a favorite childhood movie of mine, and I still love it!

~I absolutely love sparkles, vintage, and classics.

~I'm infatuated with DreamWorks "Trolls"!

~I'm an enthusiast of Celtic culture.

~Men in kilts are my absolute fatal weakness!


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